What We Do

Proudly Improving Our Quality of Life with S.M.A.R.T. Technology

Wi-Fiber is a SMART Network infrastructure provider. We manufacture, service, build software and develop applications.

Our stack enables a multitude of public and private sector outcomes such as intranet and internet access, intelligence and data aggregation. Our clients leverage our SMART core to connect schools, hospitals, students, traffic signals, lights and transportation assets as well as supplemental emergency communications and real time alerting via vehicle, handheld, tablet or PC connectivity.

Wi-Fiber’s turnkey MEC platform incorporates wireless connectivity powered with our A.I. cognition, and real-time notification response. Whether leveraging existing assets or creating new fiber infrastructure, we offer cutting edge technology that works within your vision and budget to deliver the solutions you need.

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Our Story

Our ever-changing world moves faster every day, demanding industries and communities to stay connected and engaged to improve accessibility, safety and quality of life. At our core, we know that access to data is a human right, a utility, not unlike running water and electricity. That’s why our technology is designed for turnkey broadband deployments resulting in connected, smart, and safer communities.

As the premier SMART provider, Wi-Fiber harnesses award-winning, cost neutral technology across a wide range of public and private industries to facilitate connection, protection, education and inclusion for current and future generations that ensures a safe, unified and S.M.A.R.T. tomorrow, today.

Here are some of the ways Wi-Fiber has helped other communities.


Municipal Efficiency and Digital Inclusion

Arlington City, VA
Wi-Fiber leveraged existing infrastructure to create digital inclusion program for the housing projects, giving 500 of the most economically disenfranchised members of the community access to public wifi and webnetwork capabilities.
  • Public and Private Wi-Fi

  • LED Lighting

  • Atmospheric Sensor Data Collection

  • Traffic Analytics

  • Traffic Management


Public Safety

Las Vegas, NV

Wi-Fiber integrated modular lamp heads in city parks to address issues of crime, drug use and vagrancy. Working closely with municipal leaders and law enforcement entities, we established and implemented the appropriate parameters for the technology, which resulted in a 70% reduction in loitering. Our S.M.A.R.T. solutions enhanced public safety by significantly reducing instances of criminal and drug related activities and led to a decrease in negative interactions with citizens and law enforcement. Additionally, Wi-Fiber’s modular infrastructure provided public wi-fi access within parks, allowing citizens to safely access and enjoy these important community spaces.

Wi-Fiber’s was awarded Best in Show at 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show for our transformative S.M.A.R.T. technology and its contribution to public safety.

  • Coordinated Incident Response and Management

  • Audio/Video Threat Detection, Shots Fired Intelligence

  • Public Announcement

Campus Safety

Wi’Fiber’s S.M.A.R.T. technology sets new standards for campus connectivity, safety and quality of life. We help schools achieve their learning goals whether that means simply improving their campus IT functions, or rebuilding their network integrations. Wi-Fiber also understands that safety is paramount to campus life. Our emergency management technology offers a point-to-point camera network that detects safety threats such as gunshots and air quality hazards, just to name a few, and immediately alerts law enforcement when a risk is detected.
  • Interactive Cognitive Video Surveillance

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Digital Inclusion Infrastructure

  • Connected School Security


Adair Grover

Adair Grover is the founder and CEO of Wi-Fiber.

He is a national leader in building indoor and outdoor, public, and private networks around the globe.

Wi-Fiber is an industry-leading, Best of CES Smart City winning company which has an unprecedented and holistic approach to smart city deployments.

Wi-Fiber’s knowledge of networks is applied to actualizing Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) outcomes.

The technologies that Wi-Fiber implements echo Adair’s core business philosophy: efficient, effective, and reliable.

Wi-Fiber has deployments nationwide and has a goal of utilizing existing infrastructure to maximize efficiency and minimize costs to our clients.